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The Gordon Setter Club Scotland Open Show 11th November 2033

Can I start by thanking the club’s committee members, in particular Alison and David for the very warm Scottish welcome I received on arriving at the venue. It was a big day in the club’s calendar, along with a new venue and then following on from the championship show, along with a new club secretary taking the reins.

The idea of combining a Championship show and club event seems to be gaining traction but I’m sure it doesn’t reduce the workload for those involved at the sharp end, but for all of that they still made mine and the exhibitor’s involvement in the day a seamless and an engaging experience.

The venue was excellent all but for a couple of points, traversing and exiting the car park seemed a bit perilous and the hall flooring didn’t suit all the dogs and I felt at times impacted on the dog’s performance in its class and subsequently it’s placing. That being said I was gladdened by the general good humour and sportsmanship of the exhibitors which made the day especially rewarding for me and making the journey back to Essex an easier one.

Competing and showing is a demanding and expensive pastime so I was delighted with the entry and appreciate the effort required in attending a show, running around a ring and presenting your dogs in their best condition. The overall quality of the dogs and bitches was encouraging with some I will be watching how the progress in the ring over the coming months and years. I was pleased with my final line ups in both dogs and bitches which I don’t believe you can say every time you stand in the middle of the ring.

Minor Puppy Dog. 0/0 Puppy Dog 0/0

Junior Dog 3/3

1st Forester’s Northern Light of Darkmoor at Muckhart (Imp DEU)

Masculine head with clearly defined stop, intelligent expression with darker eye. Good length of neck shoulder angulation and topline, moderate length well-muscled over rear quarters, pleasing flat straight bone standing on upright pasterns. bone with tight well arched feet. Shorter hocks. Settled on the move to present a pleasing gait and driving free movement.

2nd Forester’s Northern Hunter of Darkmoor with Gadieburn (imp DEU)

Nicely boned boy, another pleasing head with softer expression and dark eye. Nice depth to his chest with the potential for plenty of lung room as he matures. Presented a level topline both standing and, on the move, a little less settled when moving around the ring but this should come as he matures. Nice oval feet good tan.

3rd Krisada not in Kansas

Yearling Dog 4/4

1st Fieldberry Secret Weapon at Rufusmoor.

A young dog with some real potential, lovely head and dark eye to give a true setter expression. Good width of skull with low set on ears also to complete the picture. Nice reach of neck into a correct shoulder placement complimented by flatter bone. Plenty of lung room for a dog of his maturity. Correct bend of stifle and tailset, pleasing colour moved out very well.

2nd Forester’s Northern Light of Darkmoor at Muckhart (Imp DEU).

3rd Forester’s Northern Hunter of Darkmoor with Gadieburn (imp DEU)

Novice Dog 0/0

Graduate Dog 5/5 1st Gailiech Ngalyod

This dog stood out for me today with his balanced outline and fabulous head and I think there is still more to come as this dog matures. Excellent proportions in width and depth of skull with clearly defined stop lovely dark eye parallel lines and well set on ears giving an intelligent and kind expression. Good reach of neck into correct shoulders super topline. Liked his proportions overs his quarters although this is the area that needs to finish a little the template is clearly there. Purposeful on the move and used the ring to great effect. Muscular and well angled quarters. Pleasing tan. BOS, RBIS.

2nd Fieldberry Secret Weapon at Rufusmoor. 3rd Marlibeck Maldini

Post Graduate Dog 2/2

1st Gailiech Ngalyod

2nd Burrough of Loch Leven at Glenarden

Difficult to assess this dog today, just didn’t seem to settle moving around the ring. Compact and well boned boy in good coat, had a nice depth of chest and pleasing lung room. Standing on upright pasterns, could do with a little more rear angulation. Nothing exaggerated, well-muscled. Would be pleased to see him on another day.

Mid Limit Dog 2/1

1st Amscot Brief Encounter

Stylist dog with very pleasing head, I think this young dog has a lot of potential. Liked his dark eye the broad skull and nicely sculpted features, pleasing low set on ears. Nicely arched neck into a laid-back shoulder. Flat bone pleasing topline and stood up well on his pasterns. Moderate length, board over his quarters with a well bent stifle. Moved out well and presented an elegant action in profile.

Limit Dog 5/3

1st Balnakeil Beinn Corradail of Blairbelles

2 pleasing dogs in this class with first place won on fine margins.

Elegant dog with symmetrical confirmation, liked his intelligent expression supported by clearly defined stop with darker eye and correct definition. Long and arched neck pleasing front assembly and depth of brisket. Nice bone, correct topline standing and striding out which he did with ease, carrying his tail well. Presented in super condition.

2nd Yennadon Calvay JW

Well-proportioned boy presented well and in good coat. Nice head although broader than 1 and more compact overall. Well-muscled with plenty of lung room, maintained a level topline, stood up well on upright pasterns correct amount of bone, straight front and good lay of shoulder nice tan and feet. Tail set on correctly. Covered the ground well.

Open Dog 3/3

1st Sh Ch Yennadon Benbriach JW ShCEx

A well-constructed boy presenting symmetry and balance when standing and on the move. Lovely expression nice detail and low set on ears. Arched neck well laid-back shoulder with flat bone standing and level topline. Excellent coat and condition, nicely arched toes with a good tan. Broad muscular quarters shorter hocks, tail set on nicely, carried himself well around the ring with plenty of drive from behind.

2nd Yennadon Barra JW

Similar type just slightly longer cast; I just preferred the head of 1 today. Moved out well although didn’t seem entirely happy with the surface. Presented a workman like picture with nothing exaggerated. Pleasing head neck and shoulder placement, good overall muscle and bend of stifle finished the picture.

3rd Hernwood Northern Adonis of Dulmaur.

Veteran dog 2/0

Field Trail Dog 1/1

1st Yennadon Reiss SGWC

Exactly what a field trail dog should be energetic and full of beans and still at 10yrs of age looking like he can do a good day’s work on the moors. Compact and symmetrical , perhaps a little broad through the skull. Good bone depth and width of chest, well-muscled quarters being in overall hard condition. Nice straight front and pleasing colour, stood up well on his pasterns and well arched toes Moved out well.

Special Beginners Dog 1/1

1st Gailliech Ngalyod

Minor Puppy Bitch 2/2

1st Balnakeil Creag Rainich

A tricky class to assess as both girls had many pleasing qualities. A lovely girl very symmetrical for her age, with good bone and colour. Feminine head with a pleasing and defined stop along with a darker eye presenting an intelligent expression. Level topline, wider quarters, excellent tan, moving around the ring didn’t quite present herself today at her possible best.

2nd Gailiech Fraisthorpdottir

This young bitch seemed a bit more over oared by her day out saw more of her standing freely than when being stood. Good balance and bone for her age pleasing colour nothing exaggerated shoulder well back, moderate in length. Needs to settle for her true potential to be appreciated.

Puppy Bitch 4/1

1st Lannireach a Star is Born

Presented a lovely picture for a younger bitch, very balanced and correct for her age. Carried herself well, feminine head nicely shaped and pleasing chiselling dark eye and broad nostrils, lovely through her neck and shoulder straight front with oval feet. Good topline on the move which was measured with a pleasing gait. Great colour good rear angulation needs to mature in body to complete the picture which I’m sure will come. BP

2nd Ardnadam Hazel Nut

Difficult to assess on the day, very unsettled but presented a nice picture when standing naturally, would want a little more depth of chest as she matures, look forward to seeing her again in the future.

3rd Gailiech Fraisthorpdottir

Junior Bitch 4/1

1st Kattandale Blac Hawke’s Bay at Birniehill

This bitch was presented in good coat and condition. Pleasing feminine head nicely chiselled with parallel lines darker eye low set on ears. Nice reach of neck into a laid-back shoulder excellent topline and rear quarters complimented with good muscle all through. Reaching out on the move. Tidy feet, shorter in hock. Pleasing tan.

2nd Ardnadam hazelnut 3rd Pipruda Jubilee

Yearling Bitch 2/1

1st Myreside Niamh with Clacorikangulation

What a lovely girl, a lot of quality here and more to come, as she matures. Pleasing head dark eye soft expression lovely chiselling with parallel planes. Well arched neck super lay back of shoulder, correct flat bone presenting a straight front. Nice depth and width of chest, loins wide rear quarters board and muscular. Nice stifle angulation short hock. Balanced on the move which she did easily and with some purpose.

Novice Bitch 3/2

1st Myreside Niamh with Clacorikangulation

Graduate 4/1

1st Gailiech Iris Goddess

Litter sister to my reserve best in show and had many similar qualities. Nice planes and set on ears, darker eye positive mover which probably was the difference today. My thought would be that she wasn’t stood to best advantage today maybe a better balance in profile if her head was let forward a little. Redeemed herself on the move, liked her bone, muscle and rear angulation. Would like to see her again on another day.

2nd Kintalis winter Jasmine

Balanced bitch with pleasing topline and croup, just preferred the head of 1. More compact

with clean tan markings, nothing exaggerated in good coat and condition. Moved out well . 3rd Ardnadam Alaranth

Post Graduate Bitch 1/1 1st Ardnadam Alaranth

This free moving girl was presented in good coat keeping her topline standing and on the move. Kind expression dark eye, slightly finer in the head than some tight oval feet up through her pasterns.

Mid Limit Bitch 0/0

Limit Bitch 4/1

1st Panthera Bad Medicine Dukmaur (Imp POL)

This girl won the class on movement today, moved out with precision moving free with drive from behind and carrying her tail correctly. Of moderate length with level topline and deep brisket and plenty of lung room. Pleasing rear angulation with good width of loin, long from hip to hock. Classic Gordon expression on a balanced head with no exaggeration, with darker eye finishing the picture.

2nd Ordett Love Me Do at Keaswood

This young lady needs to focus a little more looked very nice and well-proportioned standing, that said every time I went to go over her, she sat down, very frustrating. However, lots to like about this bitch, stylish and balanced on the move could benefit from a little more pace around the ring but she did enough to consider her for a higher placing. Good lay back of shoulder plenty of bone in good coat lovely topline and tailset muscular and angulated rear quarters. Would be happy to see her again.

3rd Balnakeil Creag Na Caillich

Open Bitch 3/1

1st Liric Just remember me.

A quality bitch with a feminine expression and symmetrical construction, typical head with a good width and depth, a dark eye finished the picture for me. Well-constructed front with pleasing bone and shoulder angulation, the tidiest of feet along with a nice tan. Good spring of rib, level topline along with wider quarters finished off the picture along with well- muscled quarters. Move positively and with real purpose around the ring. Close up to winning bitch.

2nd Balnakeil Carn na Criche

A little more compacted than 1 but none the less no exaggeration and has a lot of quality about her. Moved out well and with strength from behind but was a little bit distracted standing. Liked her angles depth of chest and shoulder placement good flat bone and muscle. Shorter hocks upright through her pasterns wider through her loins. Would like to see again when more settled.

Veteran Bitch 6/4

1st SH CH Cairacailie Night of Love with Ordett

This bitch presented a symmetrical outline and confirmation. Nicely shaped head with pleasing detail. Dark eye low set ears arched neck into well laid-back shoulder, lost a little in overall presentation carrying a little too much weight on the day. Still excellent rear angulation shorter hocks and in excellent coat. Movement was true with plenty of drive which was the difference today.

2nd Hernwood Summer Eclipse at Kintalis

Elegant bitch with pleasing head and front assembly although a little longer cast than 1. Liked her head and expression nicely arched neck, nice depth of chest with excellent lung room broad muscular hind quarters tail set on well, stifles well bent. Enthusiastic mover around the ring.

Field Trail Bitch 1/1 CH/INT/GER VDH CH Amscot Love is in the Air

1st Stood alone in the class but stood out in quality. Very elegant girl in good coat and condition, symmetrical in conformation. Feminine head pleasing eye and expression broad in skull with low set on ears well-muscled neck into laid-back shoulders excellent spring of rib level in topline standing and on the move which she did with some style today striding out on a tricky surface. Muscular hind quarters and good bend of stifles presented a steady and free moving action driving with conviction from behind, nice bone but not over done shorter in hock well arched toes and pleasing colour. BOB. Congratulations.

Special Beginners Bitch 1st Gailiech Iris Goddess 2nd Pipruda Jubilee

Judge Paul Johnston (Glenquin)

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