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2022 Events
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The GSA (supported by The Gordon Setter Club of Scotland)
Open and Novice Stakes Field Trial Results -
18th & 19th March 2022. 

Breed Appreciation Day - 2nd April - FULLY BOOKED

Annual General Meeting 2022 - rescheduled from 27 April, to 11 May
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Registration to attend must be made in advance by emailing the Secretary.

Championship Show - 21st May - ENTRIES NOW CLOSED

Open Show - 13th November (provisionally, tbc)

2021 Shows
The judge's critiques from our 2021 Championship Show can be read here.
The judge's critiques from our 2021 Open Show can be read here.



Following the very unfortunate cancellation of Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland, we have been forced to find a new venue for our Championship Show. 

We are pleased to announce this show will now take place at Kinross Polo Club; our thanks to Thom Bell for allowing us to use this venue! 

(see map location below)

Schedules for our CHAMPIONSHIP Show - and details of how to enter online - can be found HERE.

Our OPEN SHOW will be held the following day, in conjunction with Waverley Gundog Association. 

Schedules for our Championship Show - and details of how to enter online - can be found HERE.

Schedules for Waverley Gundog Association - and details of how to enter online - can be found HERE.

Map location for our championship show:


Please see the flyer below for our forthcoming seminar.



GSCS RDSJ Flyer.jpg


Please find below a recent announcement from the Gordon Setter Breed Council:

A standalone website has been created for the Gordon Setter Breed Council and can be found at This new resource will allow your Breed Council to update judging and health matters regularly, without having to rely on the assistance of the GSA - who have very generously hosted the Breed Council's page for several years and to whom the Breed Council wish to express grateful thanks. 


The judges list criteria have been revised recently and can be found on the new website, along with the appropriate application form. We would encourage all judges to also take note of the new Kennel Club regulations for appointment of judges, and which seminars and related criteria they must meet before accepting any new judging appointment. 


The Breed Council encourages all judges - breed specialists in particular - to apply to be added to the judges lists, or to apply to update their CV; the revised criteria may mean an individual is ready to progress to a higher listing. 


The list of judges is updated regularly and anyone who wishes their application to be considered at the next meeting should submit it before 20th May. The next meeting of the committee of the Breed Council will take place on 27th May, immediately before the 2020 & 2021 AGMs, which commence at 19:30 hours (all hosted online on the Zoom platform).  Fully paid-up members of each constituent breed society (BGSC, GSA, GSFTS or GSCS) may attend the meeting to observe, however as per the constitution of the Breed Council, only breed club representatives have voting rights. 


Should anyone wish to discuss any of the above, or wish to attend the AGM, please email

David Alcorn, Acting Secretary


Please read the latest announcement with respect to our 2021 events here.


We are in the process of updating our membership database. Please email the Secretary with your current email address and/or any updates to your other contact details.


The Club's 2021 AGM will be held after the rescheduled 2020 AGM, on Friday 30 April 2021 online, using the Zoom platform.

Please email the Secretary for more details

(full information was issued to all paid members at the end of March).

Our 2021 Championship Show has been rescheduled from May and will now be held in conjunction with Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland Championship Show, on Saturday 13 November 2021. Our show will take place following the breed judging at GBAS, in the same ring. 

We are very grateful to the Committee of GBAS for allowing us to hold our show at their event. 


Change of venue for our 2021 Championship Show, please see above!


Our 2021 Open Show will take place on

Sunday 14 November 2021.

2021 Show Dates

We will endeavour to update the below calendar of Group and General Championship Show dates as often as possible, however we encourage all exhibitors to check with each show society to confirm dates and judges.