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2019 Open Show

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Location: Ravenstruther, Scotland. Judge: David Alcorn. Best in Show: Hall’s  Melview Phoenix.


What an honour and delight to judge at this lovely Club Open Show; renowned for its warm welcome and first class hospitality – we were certainly very well looked after all day. I have to especially thank Margaret and Christine my stewards, who were amazing.  

I had an excellent entry of Gordons (thank you everyone), and have to commend the temperament of all of them. I must comment on handling. I was astounded so many of the youngsters were nearly impossible to assess owing to their complete lack of basic training. I don’t expect puppies to be robotic – it’s very endearing to see a naughty puppy – however some basic manners and control is necessary; you spend a lot of time and money on your hobby - putting in basic training will help you reap success. It was extremely disappointing to see a lot of the youngers (and, I might add, some of the older exhibits) being choked, pulling their handlers around on tight leads – some basic training could easily sort this out and make the whole experience more enjoyable for dog and handler. As will have become apparent during my judging, movement is very important to me and it is extremely difficult to assess a dog which is pulling onto the lead, or being too tightly strung up. I will admit I was rather disappointed in the lack of depth of quality in the puppy classes, personally I feel this could pose a worry as to where the breed is going in the future. 'David Alcorn'

All Results

Reserve Best In Show : Harker’s Hernwood Achilles At Ettrick JW

Best Opposite Sex : Harker’s Hernwood Achilles At Ettrick JW

Best Puppy :  Miller’s Liric Just The Ticket

Best Veteran:  Ness’s Ch Liric Souvenir

Field Trial Dog or Bitch:

No entries

Special Vintage Dog or Bitch: 3 1. Danks  Liric Tuxedo Junction 2. George-Plunkett  Melkinmere Elterhow 3. Gunnery  Beminah Sweet Dreams

Veteran Dog: 4 1. Ness Ch Liric Souvenir   Best Veteran 2. Miller Brookes Shadow Mover 3. MacGregor Somerled Glen Urquart Res. Shields Florcott Inchtavannach Lad

Puppy Dog : 7 1. Miller Liric Just The Ticket  Best Puppy 2. Millar &  Bell Balnakeil Beinn Carradail Of Blairbelles 3. Smalley Paradise Scots Blaeberry For Glenmoss 4. Yates Gailiech Barmstonson

Junior Dog: 4 1. Millar & Scobie Yennadon Calvay 2. Danks Colquhally Major Tom 3. Millar & Bell Balnakeil Beinn Carradail Of Blairbelles Res.  MacGowan  Lainnireach Pride

Yearling Dog: 2 1. Millar & Scobie Yennadon Calvay 2. MacGowan Lainnireach Pride

Novice Dog: 3 1. Knight Benbuie Thorntree 2. MacGowan Lainnireach Pride 3. Beese Hernwood Xmas Drummer At Ashheys

Graduate Dog: No Entries

Post Graduate Dog:   No Entries

Mid Limit Dog:  5 (1 abs) 1. Miller  Rhum Night Legend ShCM 2. Hill  Liric Liquid Gold At Somerled 3. Millar Yennadon Benriach Res. Danks Kintalis Winter Ice Diamond

Limit Dog: 4  (1 abs) 1. Hall Melview Moving Time JW Reserve Best Dog 2. Warren Benbuie Secret Agent JW 3. George-Plunkett Melkinmere Hallinhow

Open Dog: 3 1. Harker Hernwood Achilles At Ettrick JW  Best Dog 2. Ford Sh Ch Liric Fusilier With Shillay JW ShCM ShCEx 3. Munro Hernwood Man O’War From Dulmaur

Veteran Bitch: 4 (2 abs) 1. Graylacier Princess Sophia At Pollyspark RL2 2. Clohass Caolair At Blairbelles

Puppy Bitch: 5  (1 abs) 1. Harrison  Paradise Keeping Thyme 2. Yates Gailiech Barmstondottir 3. Green Balnakeil Creag Na Caillich Res.  Bage  Amscot Triple Gin At Maymeral

Junior Bitch: 3 1. Caulfield Colquhally Tickled Pink 2. O’Kelly & Hancock Lainnireach Original Tonic 3. McNeil  Woodland Hoppers Evening Star Over Barrabrae (Imp HRV)

Yearling Bitch: 3 1. Hall Melview Phoenix 2. O’Kelly & Hancock Lainnireach Original Tonic 3. McNeil  Woodland Hoppers Evening Star Over Barrabrae (Imp HRV)

Novice Bitch: 3 (1 abs) 1. Caulfield Colquhally Tickled Pink  Best Novice 2. Lloyd  Yennadon Caol Ila Of Myreside.

Graduate Bitch: 4 (1 abs) 1. Hall Melview Phoenix  Best Bitch and Best In Show 2. Lloyd  Yennadon Caol Ila Of Myreside. 3. Millar Balnakeil Carn An Criche

Post Graduate Bitch: 5 1. Marsh Lignum Black Lightning At Kilnrae Reserve Best Bitch 2. Smith Clacorick Scottish Lilt 3. Pearce Mosscript Caol Ila At Ardnadam Res. George-Plunkett Melkinmere Inglewoodhow VHC. Millar Balnakeil Carn An Criche  

Mid Limit Bitch: 4 (2 abs) 1. Smith Clacorick Scottish Lilt 2. Yates  Dunfionn Sanda For Gaileach JW

Limit Bitch: 3 1. Harrison Paradise Final Fantasy 2. Beese Lainnireach Liberty Bell At Ashheys 3. Slaughter Cairacailie Night Of Love With Ordett JW

Open Bitch: 2 1. Williams Longrow I Love To Boogie JW 2. Green Lignum Miss Mossberg For Balnakeil

Progeny: 2 (1 abs) 1. Green Lignum Miss Mossberg For Balnakeil

Brace: 2 1. Miller

2. Beese


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