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2015 Open Show

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Location: Ravenstruther, Scotland. Judge: N/A

Best in Show: Kilnrae Scotch the Rumour JW.

All Results:

PUPPY DOG None JUNIOR DOG 1. Rhum Night Legend 2. Palangor Imja Tse YEARLING DOG 1. Rhum Night Legend NOVICE DOG 1. Brookes Shadow Mover GRADUATE DOG 1. Florcott Inchtavannach Lad 2. Mosscript Balmenach 3. Brookes Shadow Mover POST GRADUATE DOG 1. Farquharson’s Matador (IMP NLD) 2. Balnakeil Beinn A’Chroin 3. Somerled Glen Urquart 4. Florcott Inchtavannach Lad MID LIMIT DOG 1. Liric Souvenir JW (Reserve Best in Show) 2. Taransay Flash Gordon 3. Black Mystery Phantom of the Opera by Amscot (IMP CHE) 4. Benbuie Rock on to Hernwood JW 5. Florcott Inchtavannach Lad LIMIT DOG 1. Liric Souvenir JW (Reserve Best in Show) 2. Liric Special Tribute to Kellizlot (AI) JW 3. Ardnadam Red Kite OPEN DOG 1. IR Sh Ch Minvery’s Angus 2. Lainnireach Highland Way VETERAN DOG   1. Sh Ch Hernwood Diamond Rock JW ShCM 2. Boyers Strauss ShCM 3. Liric Regal 4. Carrochan Dark Storm FIELD TRIAL DOG / BITCH 1. Chartan Hermione Grainger 2. Chartan Treacle Tart 3. Yennadon Carrick of Clacorick SPECIAL VINTAGE  DOG / BITCH 1. ESP/PT/GIB Ch Waseley the Melodee by Kewstoke 2. Suilvenmhor Sunna of Carrochan 3. Somerled More Than a Dream

PUPPY BITCH 1. Flores-lilla Ojcowskiej Doliny 2. Clacorick Scottish Lilt 3. Kelsnnor Scarlet Jezebel 4. Glenquest Biscotti 5. Longrow Dancing Queen JUNIOR BITCH 1. Graylacier Genevieve at Waseley 2. Chartan Treacle Tart 3. Kelsnnor Scarlet Jezebel 4. Longrow Dancing Queen YEARLING BITCH 1. Lignum Miss Mossberg for Balnakeil NOVICE BITCH 1. Balnakeil Carn A’Mhaim GRADUATE BITCH 1. Birniehill High Flyer POST GRADUATE BITCH 1. Forrester’s Xquisite Lady of Darkmoor at Lainnireach (IMP DEU) 2. Longrow I Love to Boogie JW 3. Florcott Ginty Macginty 4. Dunfionn Quair with Moniack (IMP HUN) MID LIMIT BITCH 1. Kilnrae Party Time 2. Birniehill High River LIMIT BITCH 1. Kilnrae Scotch the Rumour JW (Best in Show) 2. Glenquest Crème Bru 3. Yennadon Fairisle of Clacorick OPEN BITCH 1. Hernwood Black Pearl ShCM 2. Sh Ch Kejajake Sapphire at Hernwood 3. IR Sh Ch Minvery’s Sainted Sinner Jnr Ch VETERAN BITCH 1. Ch Balnakeil an Cearcallach 2. Kilnrae Lil Black Number 3. Gaidheal Tosca of Lainnireach 4. Carrochan Suilvenbeag 5. Kattandale Calcutta Cup

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