The Gordon Setter Club of Scotland was established with the purpose of bringing together those of us who love this incredible breed.


With the goal of ensuring the continued success of the breed - its health, well-being and future development - the Club works with the Kennel Club, the Gordon Setter Breed Council, and other breed clubs, to make sure Gordon Setters remain healthy and fit for life. 

Members of the committee are available to answer questions and give advice on the care and commitment required to live with the breed. New members are always welcome to join and become involved in the friendly activities run by the Club.

The club provides information and on-going education for those interested in Gordon Setters. We run various seminars on topics such as health, first aid, grooming and judging.


Covid-19 Update

Covid 19

Due to the ongoing Corona virus restrictions, the Committee have made an announcement regarding our 2021 events which can be read in full here.

We are asking all members to contact us to update their e-mail addresses before 22 March, so we can send out ongoing communications to them in a timely manner. Please email us with your details. 

David R. Alcorn

Acting Secretary